It was Mark Twain who said that twenty years from now, “You will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did.” 90% of the people in our global society typically sit around during waiting for a stroke of luck to come their way.

Actually, only 10% will take the steps to create the opportunities they seek. Out of this 10%, only 5% will have the courage to join the small population of entrepreneurs.

This course is for the person who is tired of floundering in the valley of procrastination with their entrepreneur goals and ready to move to the mountaintop of completion. 

We will go through Destiny Designers University® Entrepreneur Success Signature 3D Curriculum of: Discovery, Disciplined Development to Delivery of your Divine Assignment.

Bonus: We're giving you access to download a free chapter of best-selling book: "Action Action Despite the Distraction".

Who is this course for?

•Focused and enterprising individuals looking to gain knowledge and structure to launch your business

•Corporate America’s ‘Entrepreneurs-in-the-Making’ looking to transfer their professional skill sets to their own business ventures

•Recovering Procrastinators who are ready to put a system in place that was specifically designed to move them into ACTION

How is the course organized?

This course is organized into two parts - a pre-recorded module and a live module.

  • Pre-work. The pre-work is a pre-recorded module that will help you get started, explain the course and what you should expect and complete a short form to help us help you get started on your business.You can complete the pre-work at anytime before the live course at 9 PM EST March 24.

  • The 3D Process of Discovery, Disciplined Development & Delivery and Implementation Results are live. You will have the ability to ask questions and get the answers you need in real time. The live portion of this course goes live at 9 PM EST on Tuesday, March 24.

Here's what I will teach you in this course

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

Meet your Mentor

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

Founder/CEO, Destiny Designers University

Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant is living her divine calling to LEAD, TEACH and INSPIRE! Described as “God’s Designer Original”, she ignites her audiences with her captivating smile, intoxicating humor and boundless energy. Dr. Grant is a highly sought after inspirational speaker, human relations expert, trainer, life coach and mistress-of-ceremonies. The strategic focus of Dr. Grant’s Empowerment platform is executed through her Destiny Designers University®, “a classroom without borders; where we graduate to the next best version of ourselves”! As Designer & Chief of this is multi-media platform, her students focus on training in the areas Life Skills, Personal Growth, Leadership and Presentation Skills; with a focus on a work readiness and an entrepreneur success curriculum. As a result of the training received, this community of Destiny Designers®, are able to create a spiritual, mental, physical and financial balance in their lives and create behavioral shifts in their productivity. Results are measured through their ability to identify and purge the distractions in their lives so they can use what God has already given them to take immediate ACTION on their goals and dreams. Additionally, her Destiny Designers Teen Empowerment Series® provides soft skills and life skills training for High School Scholars that will cultivate, independent critical thinking, positive self-esteem, clear and concise communication skills and a sense of community.

Your Investment in you Future


Your Dreams Can't Wait

Moving from Procrastination to Completion

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